Designer - Roushk

The designer behind the brand Svetlana Nesterushkina started her career as an architect, working for Russian and international companies in Moscow, Rotterdam and Budapest.

Growing up in a diplomatic family formed Svetlana's nomad life-style and passion for discovering other cultures. Later on she continued her rolling-stone life, travelling to far corners of our planet to observe life of different ethnic groups and their heritage. It gave her a deeper understanding of the similarities within differences.

Living for several years in Africa inspired Svetlana to bring her architectural creativity to a smaller scale and to launch a brand of jewelry with a meaningful beauty. Her philosophy as a designer is to draw attention to the exclusivity of natural materials, to combine modern approach with traditions of ethnic minorities, to create limited-edition series or even one-of-a-kind pieces with a strong statement.

Presently Svetlana lives between Dakar, Budapest and Moscow and continues to travel around the world in search of unique materials and elements of traditional craftsmanship for her collections.