D Philosophy - Roushk

ROUSHK is a jewelry brand drawing inspiration from multiple off-the-beaten-track travels. Materials brought from these expeditions are used to create unique handcrafted pieces with a strong personality, modern, urban yet majestic.

The focus is on natural and organic materials like seeds, bones, wood, shells as they hold the wisdom and power of Nature – the forces readily employed by our ancestors throughout the times and still used by African tribes in their rituals. The genuine beauty of stone or wood remains almost intact in ROUSHK creations which continue to bear the full energy charge of elements.

Each item is thoroughly thought out, with attention to particular qualities of every element –be it a rough piece of African wood or an asymmetrical brass bead made by tuaregs. The pure architectural thinking of the designer joined with the rough aliveness and irregularity of tribal craftsmanship create a sophisticated mixture of elegance and free-spirited expressivity. ROUSHK abandons notions of precious and non-precious materials, combines contrasting yet complementary elements to create open-minded, all-encompassing pieces.

Tinkling, silky smooth or rough, appearing very different in changing light, sometimes bearing a scent of a tropical forest or a glimmer of other cultures… ROUSHK creations are more than just adornments. They are an ode to nature’s beauty in its purest forms.